Monday, December 25, 2006

Nov 3rd

This week started on our last day in Spain. The moment I got on the boat I missed Barcelona. I missed the beach, the skate spots, the people and just the overall city. I was leaving the city I had grown to love the most. I felt as if I was leaving home, but I was off for adventure, due back in a couple of years.
Friday was my last day. I went to my Spanish class as normal, went home like normal and ate lunch like normal. It was a pretty normal day until we got to the ferry terminal. We waited there an hour and then got on the boat. We had a room on the boat, just like a hotel room, it was very cool. I sat outside for about 3 hours after the boat was supposed to leave, the where still unloading and loading trucks on the boat. My mom and step-father came and told me to watch the kids. So I went back and ate a little while they were sleeping. I got up to go to the bathroom and something nearly knocked me down, I knew the boat had left (four hours late). Mom and James came back and James and I went out and watched us sail away from Barcelona. We went in and went to bed in the room that wouldn’t stop vibrating and rocking back and forth.
With no window in our room we couldn’t tell what time it was. Well it was ten in the morning so we all got up and got ready. Showering on the rocking boat was a little bit of a challenge. After we were all ready we went up on deck. I was scared for a second not seeing any land, after all I’ve never not seen land, but I quickly got over that and realized the beauty of it. It was all just blue. It’s indescribable. The boat then announced that we would be arriving at 20 instead of 15. We were freaking out, we would miss our train and our hostel would probably cancel us. Mom sent out several e-mails to our friends, and thankfully someone called our hostel and told them we would be arriving late. We calmed down and spent our time wondering around, looking out at Corsica and Sardinia the islands that we were passing. There was a play area that the kids played in whenever it was open. The kids made friends with some other kids that must have been Hindu or Muslim. They had a lot of fun. At 19 hundred we were kicked out of our cabin and had to wait in the lobby. We got off and waited for our bus. When we got to the train station us and three other English speaking people tried to figure out which train we should get on, there were two trains to the same place. The one we were waiting for was 15 minuets late so we got on the other one. It ended up that the one we were on had to let the late one pass. One of the people we were talking to left the train to look at the schedule and the train left without him. After the train we followed the directions to our hostel but the office was not in the same place as the hostel, someone drove us to the hostel from the office after we paid. We went right to bed.
We got up fairly early I’m not sure what time and went straight to the Vatican. When I walked in I was thinking about it being the smallest country in the world. We walked around and finally settle town to see the pope. He gave a speech in Latin and then greeted everyone in English Germen Italian and Spanish. We left and ate at a restaurant we ate outside and almost froze. But the food was amazing. We then left for the coliseum; unfortunately it was closed so we just walked around it and around the other ruins. I saw some ruins that I wanted to go to the next day so I refused to go to the Sistine chapel.
We got up early found out that the coliseum was 8 euros and left. My family went to the chapel and I went to the coliseum. When I got there I found out it was 11 euros. I was so sad that I couldn’t go in. but I walked along the road and found an entrance to the other ruins. It was so, so, so amazing. The random pillars the still standing buildings and even the almost completely destroyed ones all of it was so amazing. There were large tablets with writing, sculptures, carvings, arches, houses, everything. I made friends with a cat that was there. It followed me around after I pet it, but it didn’t leave with me. When I got home we carried our entire luggage to the train and got on a train to Venice. On the train we got free soft drinks and “biscuits” or cookies. We were so confused, nothings free in Europe. The kids also met a friend from Colorado on the train. We got into Venice at night. We got lost I Venice trying to find our hostel. It took us at least two hours. When we finally found it we had to stay outside while mom got us checked in. the hostel ended up being across the square. We spent a couple of minuets trying the key; it ended up being the wrong one even though mom was sure it was right. The room was all wood with four beds, nice and comfortable. We were hungry so we went and tried to find a restaurant. We ate at a bar/restaurant and I got a nice, big, tasty cheese pizza. We went back to our room and went to sleep.
The next day we just wondered around Venice. We rode boat busses, and just hopped around the city. Venice has taxi boats, police boats, ambulance boats and pretty much every kind of car you could think of the had as a boat, limos, semi boats, everything. When we ate lunch I tried the things called potato pancakes, there’s no way to describe them, just delicious. We wondered around a bit more and got into a debate on weather mom and James should ride the gondola boats, they were 80 euros. They decided not to go because it wouldn’t be romantic worrying about the money. So we got 20 euros off of mom and ran off to buy her a present. We got her earrings and a necklace. We went back to get our stuff and ate at the same restaurant as the night before. I had the same pizza and it was equally delicious. We left and got on a “sleeper train” as the kids called it, to Vienna (Wein), Austria.
When we got into Vienna we put our stuff in lockers and took the metro to a museum. At the museum was my mom’s and James’s favorite painting, The Kiss by Gustav Klimpt. Then when we were leaving to find a tram someone walked up behind us and in English said the next train wasn’t for 20 minuets and he had a nice restaurant that we could eat at. We gave in but told the guy we were vegans. No problem, I make you something vegan!” he said, and he did. We let him order for us and we got many salads, soups and other vegan Greek dishes. Then at the en just to fill us up even more we got a large desert plate and tea, it was so good. But when we got the bill it was 80 euros. “There’s your gondola ride” I said, but my mom said it was much better. We wondered around Vienna until dark. We felt perfectly safe in the ark for some reason. We decided to leave a little early for the train station to get on another sleeper to Romania.
We woke up two stops away from Segesvár, our stop. We got ready and when we got off we were greeted by a freezing cold wind and a warm welcome from Eva. On the way to the village we stopped in a town and got some winter gear: gloves, and hats. We got to the village but our house was to cols and we accidentally smoked it up. So we went to Eva’s for the rest of the day. It was nice and warm when we got back.
It was so nice to be back home.

Barcelona and surrounding areas

I spent a month in Barcelona Most of the time I stayed in the city of Barcelona, but I also went to two other places. I would split Barcelona into two cities, the beach and the actual city.
The first two weeks I lived at the beach, except for the fact that I was in class. I went to class, came home and stayed at the beach until I was either hungry or it got dark. My third or fourth day there I saw a few jellyfish. These jellyfish facts and stuff are in my science journal but I thought I would mention them here too. At first I only saw jellyfish about 7 to 8 cm (about 3 inches) then by the third week I saw some that were about 15cm (6 inches) in diameter. I lived with the fact that I was swimming with jellyfish and just hoped I didn’t get stung. I was also busy making sand castles. I love to make sand castles and towns and just about anything out of sand. I would make walls about 15 cm high and moats and rivers 30cm deep. The waves were a big problem, anytime you would build a vertical wall the walls would collapse the second a wave hit it. Therefore I had to make walls that sloped upwards and put the actual castle behind it, those were about 45cm tall (1 ½ feet). The water was so warm even though it was October.
The last two weeks we explored the city a little more even though we still went to the beach about every other day. We went to all the land marks and tourist attractions such at the Sagrada Familia, and Park Güell. Just as in Paris we almost memorized the metro even though it was not as extensive and complicated. The other end of the city reminded me of San Francisco, just it being on a mountain, but there were plenty of sights from the top. The middle of the city was living but the layout was a little boring and hard to get lost in. the city consisted of horizontal and vertical streets with four diagonal streets (one was in fact called Diagonal). Although when I was walking with the kids once I lost my sense of direction and got us lost, we found our way back after I realized we were going uphill instead of down towards the beach.
There were two other places we went to outside of Barcelona. Montserrat and Girona. First we went to Girona which was in fact closer to the Spain/ France border than it was to Barcelona. We went to a Dalí museum there. I loved it, because I love Dalí’s work. There weren’t any of his famous works there but it was very interesting to see his other side of art. There was one picture that was just a nude lady walking out into a landscape, Csaba our friend that was there with us from Romania tried to take a picture of it, but when he looked into the viewfinder the picture was different it was a portrait of Abe Lincoln. The other place we went to was Montserrat. It was a mountain range full of mountains that looked like fingers. We went for a few hikes through the woods. The place was amazing I don’t have enough words to describe it. Muy, Muy Bonita.
I absolutely fell in love with Barcelona; I am defiantly going back and am giving serious though about living there later.

September 29th

This week was my very last week of travel, starting in Switzerland and finishing in Barcelona.
On Friday I woke on the train in Switzerland. I woke to large cliffs and huge mountains, small villages and waterfalls. I almost felt as if I was in Norway; but there was something defiantly different, but I couldn’t figure it out. When we got off the train we had about a five minuet layover. So we looked at the track number and got on the first train on that track. Guess what, it was the wrong one. So we went back and got on a later train. When we got off that train we had missed our bus, so we took another train to a place way up in the mountains and caught a bus. When we got there we tried to find the tourist office but couldn’t find it. So we walked to the place we were staying but it was closed, so we just went up the gondola with all of our stuff. It was hard but we did it. We got up and looked around, it was absolutely beautiful, and cold. At the top we went in an ice cave. That was pretty cool. We came back down checked in ate and went to bed.
The next day we took another train up the mountain a bit to a glacier. And after another gondola ride and a short downhill hike we were in a glacier. I colleted some dripping water from it. I drank most of it but I am saving some to bring back to the states. It ws the absolute best water I’ve ever had. there was a photographer in the glacier with a st. Bernard dog, so we got a picture with the dog. I noticed how much warmer it was inside the ice cave. It had to be at least 10 degreese cecius warmer than outside. It was still cold though.
We were supposed to wake up early and catch a train but my mom slept through the alarm. So after an hour of discussion we decieded to stay one more day. That day we didn’t do much, I tried to find a place to skate but there wsn’t anywhere. We had lunch at a café and they the best sandwhiches ive ever had. we went to bed early so that we wouldent be late again.
Luckly we didn’t slee hrough the alarm. We walked all the way to the train station and caught a train to a slightly larger city. Then throughout the day we took 3 other trains and got into Barcelona late at night. We had a taxi bring us to our street which wasent that far.
The next morning we boght swimming sits and went to the beach. The kids would brely touch the water, I however, joyfully jumped right in.

September 22.

This week was all in Amsterdam. We finally got to settle down a bit.
On Friday we walked around Amsterdam. The canals were such a cultural experience. There were house boats on each side. And many boats passing here and there. We went to a boat rental, and hired a peddle boat. We had a lot of trouble steering the boat at first and a few times we almost crashed into boats. We then later went to the Anne frank house. We were disputing weather to save it for later or go now because it was so close and such a short line. We went in it was very moving. At the end was a bunch of history that I already knew from the book. That part was boring. Then we went to central station to check on something, I’m not sure what, but we got ice cream there.
The next day we went to a demonstration we found a half pipe there that I went to another day. We sat there and talked to a lady that was a child during WW2. She said that what the US is doing is heading in the direction that Germany did.
The next day we relaxed, I went to the ten foot half pipe, and I took the kids to the park. Nothing much happened that day.
On Monday we went to the van Gogh museum. It was actually very small considering one floor was closed and we were used to huge museums like the Louvre.
It didn’t last very long so we just went home.
The next day I went to the six foot half pipe and skate all day. There ended up being a school next to it so at lunch break I had a little audience. Later that day I went to see the second pirates of the Caribbean movie, luckily it was in English and subtitled in Dutch.
On Wednesday we went out of town and visited the peace palace, a branch of the UN. It was dreadfully boring but mom reminded me that it had potential of stopping wars. Later we went to the mini-Holland. They had many landmarks and other things that were small. They had everything from the peace palace to windmills and even the airport. They had a huge railway system running all the way through the mini-Holland.
On our last day we left and headed to a meeting in Eindoven that my mom went to for a few hours. We wondered around the city and found a place to get fries and soda and ice cream. We went back and waited in the hotel. A lady at the bar loved the kids and got all three of us a free drink and cup of nuts. I ended up going to sleep when mom came out of the meeting and was talking to a friend. He friend gave us a ride to the train station. We ended up having to take a regular train instead of the sleeper train we were planning to take. We ended up having three layovers and finally took the train for a few hours that we got to sleep on.
This week was just in Amsterdam. We really enjoyed Amsterdam and we had a crazy train ride to Chamonix.

September 15

This was my second week traveling starting in London and ending up in Amsterdam.
This Friday was our second day in London. We went first to the Natural history museum. My kid obsession with dinosaurs came out again as I was looking at all the dinosaur skeletons. I was remembering all my dinosaur books and movies. Next we went into the mammal section. At first there were a bunch of stuffed animals of each kind of mammal. There were stuffed bears, rodents, and other kinds of mammals. Then there were size comparisons of all of the largest mammals. It included the largest animal the blue whale, and the largest Land mammal the elephant. After the mammal section we went to the human brain section. They had many hands-on activities about the human body.
On Saturday we went to see the changing of the guards. In London there are two different guards, one with the silly hats and red clothes, and one with all black and regular police caps. Every two days the guards change. We saw them change from the plain guards to the silly looking guards. My sister took about a thousand pictures of Buckingham palace and one picture of the guards. We also went to Abbey road, the road that became famous because the beetles walked across it in a photograph. I didn’t like it too much but my mother said that so many people would have loved it. It was just a regular old street to me. Then we went to the tower bridge and we ended up going up in it, we could see the whole city from it, it was again not as meaningful as the Eiffel tower because I didn’t know the geography. On the way home we stopped by kings cross station and we found platform 9 and ¾. They had it labeled and also made a trolley going through it; I had fun with that picture!
Then we flew to Ireland we ended up having to throw out sleeping bag away because it was too big. The security in the airport is tight now. From the airport we made our way to Gallaway by bus. In Gallaway we stayed at a hostel in a ten bed room. It wasn’t as bad as it seamed, actually it was kind of fun. I watched a movie that night called the pianist. It was about a Jew in WW2 it was a crazy story.
In the morning we got tickets and found the bus that would take us to the coast. We rode a ferry for about an hour all the way to the Aran Islands. When we got there we talked mom into a horse carriage ride around the island. It was 50 euro but it was all worth it, mom even gave ten extra in the end. The man took us all the way to the other island in the rain and heavy wind; he pulled out blankets and kept us dry. We got to the break point were he told us to meet him in an hour or so. We ate lunch inside a café and then went for a hike up to an ancient castle. It was so windy we could barley stand and we were right next to to a cliff. We went back on the horse carriage and he brought us back to our hostel. The kids went to sleep and we ended up having a big delicious dinner. The owner of the hostel was a great cook. We went o bed around ten.
The next day we spent traveling to Northern Ireland, we took the ferry, the bus, and the train to Belfast. We ended up at a hostel and went to sleep right away.
We woke up early and took the black taxi tour, we learned about the fighting in Northern Ireland between the Catholics and the Protestants. We learned about what each side wanted and had against each other. The Catholics are anti bush and wants to be with Ireland and the Protestants are not quite with bush but a right wing party and they want to be with England. Then we took the train to Dublin and went out to eat. We walked all the way across the city. We saw a cool church though that spanned across the road. We went back and went to sleep.
The next day we went to an old torture prison. It was intense. They had old torture devices and people prized possessions and last words. Late we went to a neighborhood that was built on an old castle it was really cool.
The last day of this trip was in Amsterdam. We flew from Dublin to the very south of Amsterdam and took a bus up. We got our apartment and went right to bed.

September 9th

This week was my first travel week. I traveled to Norway and England.
On Friday we woke up in Luxembourg and spent the first hours moving stuff because our room was changed. We were all so stressed because we had to then buy a locker to put our stuff in. we left and explored the city. We went up to a turret and all of us sketched it. Mom had to find a bank because we needed Norwegian krone. We went to one bank and the looked at us like we were crazy for needing Krone, and told us that we might be able to get it at the national bank. We went to the national bank but they said we needed to warn them about it two days ahead of time. So we walked all the way back to the hostel. We went to sleep early.
We got up at three in the morning on Saturday and caught a taxi to the bus station. We took the bus all the way to Hahn, what was supposed to be the Frankfurt airport but is actually about two hours away. This was our couple of hours in Germany. We got to the airport at five in the morning checked in and waited at the gate. We got pretzels for breakfast. We got on the plane and flew for two hours to Torp, the “Oslo” airport, of course, just like all Ryanair flights it was a couple hours out of Oslo. So we took the bus to Oslo and went to a skate competition in Oslo were we met the person we were staying with. We took the metro to her house and settled in. I stayed up late doing math homework.
In the morning on Sunday we left early to catch the train to Myrdal, just south of Flam. The train ride took about five hours. The ride was beautiful. We arrived in Myrdal after a train ride of glaciers and rocky mountains, ant caught a slower tour train to Flam. When we got to Flam we checked into the hostel which was actually a campground with little cabins. It was so nice. My mom left and looked for anything we could eat, the store was closed, and there were only two places that we could eat anything at, a buffet and a small restaurant with soup and fries. We chose the buffet, but it closed right as we got there, so we were stuck with the soup and fries. The food was very good but very expensive, around 50$ for four fries and four bowls of soup. We were still hungry when we left so we had some bread. We went home and the kids went to sleep. Later that night I heard that one of the puppies that we saved in the village died, I was so, so sad, so I went to sleep. The next morning we decided to go for a hike.
We left early and hiked around a hill when I decided to go up to the waterfall. It said it was a level three hike which meant you had to “climb.” Mom decided that she would follow me up there until she and the kids got stuck and couldn’t go any further. So we hiked up the hill, all the way to the top and we all made it, I then realized that climb meant that you had to climb up the “natural steps.” At the top of the big waterfall was a smaller waterfall that we played in; the water was freezing cold, I couldn’t have been very far away from the glacier.
On Tuesday we left Flam by boat, we took a tour boat in the Narrofjorden, the narrowest and deepest fjord in Norway. It was amazing you could have swum across it easily. When we arrived at the end of the line we got off and were surrounded by waterfalls, we ate and then caught a bus to a train. The buss ride led us up a big hill that was all hairpin turns. The bus driver went through them as if they were nothing. When we got to the train station we had almost to time to wait, we hopped right on the train to Bergen. On the train they had a playground for the kids. Norway and many other European countries are a lot more child friendly than the states. We got off the train and found our hostel. We dropped all our stuff at the hostel and rod a tram all the way to the top of one of Bergan surrounding mountains. The view was absolutely incredible. We got back and went to sleep.
The next day we got up and found our bus. The bus drove all the way down the mouths of the fjord and to the Haugisund airport. The bus had to take a ferry across one of the small bays there was a play area in the boat too. We got too Haugisund and left on a plane to London, and again it was Ryan air so we actually landed an hour away from London so we had to take a bus to actually London and then the “tube” to our house. We got accumulated and went shopping and went to sleep.
Thursday was our first full day in London. We went to the London Eye and to a street were performers preformed. The London Eye was a giant fairs wheel. It was directly across from the big Ben. You could see all of London from it. Since I didn’t know the geography of London I didn’t enjoy it as much as the Eiffel tower.
This week was my first week of travel. It was very intense being the fact that we were constantly moving and carrying our bags around almost every day. But it was all worth it.

Sept 1-8

This week was my last week in Paris. The last few days were full of goodbyes, goodbye to the bread shop and convenient store, and good bye to the skate park.
On Friday we went to the city of sciences. They had all kinds of things; they had things for the kids and many other exhibits for kids. They had a satellite picture of Paris. I found our apartment and the skate park. I went up to the exhibits. I went to the genetics aria and taught the idea of natural selection to my sister. I also taught her about illusions, space, light and math. It was such a cool science center.
On Saturday I left for the Sacra Coeur aria to look for the Salvador Dali museum. I spent hours looking for it but couldn’t find it. So I went back home. My mom looked it up again and all of us went this time, we found it this time. I was so relieved to have found it. We had some delicious sorbet and went inside afterwards. It was so cool, I love Salvador Dali. They had many cool sculptures and sketches. They had a whole room full of his work for sale. I so wanted to buy something but each piece was a few thousand dollars. We went up and I ended up getting a small copy of one of his paintings. After wars we checked out Moulin Rouge.

On Sunday we went to Giverny. Were Claude Monet’s house is. I was disappointed with the water lily pond that was painted there. I thought it would look better, it sure look like it would be gorgeous from the paintings. The rest of the house and gardens were really cool tough. The house was a nice house but I’m not sure I would want to live in it. On our way out of town we grabbed some apple juice from a fresh grower. It was delicious. The bus driver that took us to Giverny loved Liam; he thought Liam’s French was really good. He let Liam pretend to drive the bus.
On Monday we went to the graveyard. It was not a spooky graveyard but kind of a charming one. Mom was so reluctant to find Jim Morrison’s grave. I however was not. I was completely board and had to go to the bathroom really bad. It was a huge graveyard and we got lost. We finally found a bathroom and a map, and then Jim’s grave. Someone asked me to take a picture in front of the grave so I did and then begged mom to go home. On the way we stopped by the skate park but didn’t stay long at all.
On Tuesday we went to Versailles, It was kind of cool. I remember so much about it from the French revolution history chapter. I was trying to figure out how people didn’t get lost while trying to attack the people inside. We went way out in the gardens and had a picnic. I played with Luna and we decided to go back home, on our way we got sorbet again, same kind, and ate it as we walked back to the train station.

On Wednesday we went to the Museè Quai Branley, an ancient American, Asian, and African museum. It was so cool but got boring really fast. Outside of the museum there was a huge garden. And on the sidewalk there would be these random things in glass bricks. The whole aria was so amazing.
On Thursday we left for Luxembourg. It was a four hour train ride I did some homework on the ride. Luxembourg is beautiful. It is a modern city built on old castle ruins and huge gorges.

This was my last week in Paris it was very sad to leave but we are on to greater places.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

3d week in paris

August 24th –August 31st
This was my third week in Paris. My step-father, James came this week, so we did a lot of the same stuff.
On Thursday night James came. I watched he kids while mom got James and they hung out. They got back and I went to bed.
On Friday we had lunch at the Eiffel tower and re-toured the city. We walked from the Eiffel tower to the Louvre. Then we took the metro home. We were all so happy to see James.
On Saturday we went to Pompidou we walked down the same hallway. It was a lot more boring that the first time. We left Pompidou and went home.
On Sunday I took James and the kids to the skate park again. Everyone skated, including James. Luna learned how to go up the ramp by herself and James learned how to turn around on the ramp. Mom stopped by and we left for food. We. Rode the metro out of the main city aria to a vegetarian Chinese restaurant. We got some soups and foods, it was so good. There was a little store in the restaurant too, where we got soymilk.
On Monday we met one of our family members at Museè L’orangerie. There we saw lots of paintings. They had 2 big rooms full of my brother’s favorite painter, Claude Monet. He was so excited that he started drawing the paintings himself. After that we went to the Louvre area and my mom and James went on a big slingshot looking ride. I was nervous for them. They said it wasn’t that bad but the view was incredible.
On Tuesday we went up the Eiffel tower. There are no words to describe the view I guess it’s like the minute after taking off in a plane, but in Paris. We saw the louvre and all the other monuments from the tower. We also found our apartment. We got down and later I went back to the skate park. At the skate park I made friends with someone who spoke no English at all, and another who only spoke English he learned from rap music, all curse words. The one who spoke no English was hard to communicate with but it happened. We found out a lot about each other just from body language. I hope to see him again before I leave.
On Wednesday James left at three in the morning. And later we went to st. Sulpice. We saw the rose line, only if u have read or saw the Divinci code would you know about this. It was really funny seeing something that I saw in a movie.
Today we went to the wax museum. It was so cool. They had waxes of so many people. They had wax sculptured of people from French history; they had napoleon and Joan of arch, and all the Louise’s.

This week was full of fun and seeing more family. It had some interactions with the locals. This week may have been the best week so far.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

this week

This week was my second week in Paris. I am just about sick of museums now; we saw so many museums this week.

My mother had a six day museum pass so we had to cram a bunch of museums in to six days. On the first day, last Thursday we went to Museè D’orsay. We saw lots of impressionists’ paintings. The actually bored me, I liked the sculptures there, especially the one with the polar bears. D’orsay is an old train station; they had a model of it inside that took my interest right away. We next went to the Ferris wheel next to the Louvre, we saw all of Paris from the top it was awesome.

On Friday we took it easy and that night my mother went to the Louvre.

On Saturday we went to Chateau Chantilly out in the suburbs of Paris. We took the train to the town and took the bus to the castle. Guarding the castle were two confused looking dogs. We went into the castle and there were many statues of dogs. The duke that lived there must have liked dogs. It was very funny. The duke that lived in the giant castle lived in that castle alone for many years. We went into the woods where the people use to hunt; in the middle of the woods was a wallaby habitat.

On Monday we went to the centre Pompidou. We saw lots of modern art. I don’t usually like modern art except the surreal stuff but I had fun here. The architecture of the Pompidou was interesting. It had tubes and glass and cables everywhere, it was so post-modern.

On Wednesday my mother went to pick up James while I watched the kids. James cam back and the kids were all over him. They were so exited to see him. I was too.

The next day we went to the Eiffel tower and had a picnic there I made a sketch of the Eiffel tower. We then walked from the Eiffel tower to the Louvre; we just went there so James could see the pyramid. We went in the front area and saw both the pyramid and the inverted pyramid. We took the metro home.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Draculas castle

Draculas castle

me+family-my brother (he took this pic)

me and kids

dracula castle side
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black sea pics

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cute brown dog

james in his ministers robe, he's turning into dracula

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Monday, July 24, 2006


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The past week has been boring until Saturday. I woke up and got ready for the town’s holiday. Then we went to church for an amazing sermon, it consisted or recorder playing and a powerful speech in Hungarian. Then we went to lunch which was huge just like always, and mom got drunk off of polinka. I’ve never seen my mother drunk. It started raining and then I and my sister went to the football game and mom agreed to meet us there after she got her raincoat. When mom returned she had a puppy that was brown and white and was not much older than 3 or 4 weeks old. It was cold and wet and about to die. We took it home and nursed it with some soy milk. After the baby dog went to sleep my mom and James where going to go to another party, but they came back about a minuet later with another dog that was black and white and some cows milk. Mom noticed that the dog’s skin was all crusty and she thought it was eggs. Mom and James went to the party and I went to sleep.
The next morning I found the other dog in the shed and asked mom about it. She said that the crusty eggs had hatched and they were worms. We fed the dogs and James, the kids and I went to a picnic with the rest of the village.
The picnic was very cool. They had a band and tons of people. At first it was really boring but then the kids and James were entertainment. James had way too much to drink and was ready to pass out. My sister was taken away by a bunch of girls that were probably about 12 or 13. My brother picked up a stick, pretended it was an instrument and joined the band, he also got to play a little bit of the French horn and clarinet. Then when we where getting ready to go some guy had to finish his bottle of home made whisky (seriously it was in a soda bottle) and he gave James a shot and James was drunk again, and he gave me about half a shot. It was the strongest stuff in the world. And so we went back home.
When we got home mom had given the black dog a bath. She said there was a layer of eggs 1 cm thick and all the way down the poor dogs back. She said that when she gave it a bath there where so many worms in the bathtub that she could not see the bottom.
Today we gave both dogs another bath (this time with warm water which the enjoyed) and mom is off to get the deworming medicine. Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 17, 2006

I am in romainia now with my family in a small village called homorod san paul. we've been here for a week now and i am bord out of my mind. the first few days here where great but it does get a little boring.
our house in the village
geese in backyard
Last week we where in Cluj-napoca (kolatsvar) for 2 weeks. we where all stuk in 1 small dorm room so the house we have here is nice. the water in cluj was cleener and they had a washing machine. but here they have lots of farm animals and our neaghbor talks to his animals. its so cool because his animals sem to understand him.

I had to leave my dog behind in san diego and i miss her very much. she is an austrailian sheppard/border collie. im sure she's happy though with my grand parents. they have a large 2 acre yard to run in.

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